About Us

Welcome to Study in Israel We offer services and websites to foster international student mobility and to enhance information about global study opportunities. For institutions we offer support within global student recruitment, with many different options for promotion on our different education platforms.

Many of our education platforms are connected to the StudyAdvisor, www.study-advisor.org. Published in late 2017, the StudyAdvisor offers reviews and information about Global Education. Institutions can create profiles and upload information about programs and courses, and promote their offers to a global audience. The basic upload of profiles and programs can be done in a couple of minutes, without any further costs.

After registration, you will gain access to our Advertisement Manager, which offer a wide range to promote your programs to an exactly defined user group or on the position you select. Join this international education network, it’s free, and get in contact with staff, academics, friends and colleagues from around the world!

We can help you present your offers and programs to a global student audience.